Who is pulling Christy Clark's strings?

The BC Liberals have accepted more than $71 million from big-money corporate donors since 2005. Recently, they have been forced to return $174,000 in illegal donations, and RCMP investigations into donations to the BC Liberals are ongoing.

So who is donating to the BC Liberals? 
  • Kinder Morgan and their backers donated more than $770,000 dollars before Christy Clark approved the Texas companies tarsands pipeline
  • Condo developers donated more than $1.5 million, as housing prices spiralled out of control.
  • Fracking giant Encana donated more than $1 million, while the BC government turned a blind eye to the true impacts of fracking.
  • Malaysia's state-owned oil and gas company donated $12,750, and other companies from outside BC donated millions more.
Huge corporations don't get rich by throwing their money around willy-nilly. What are they getting in return?

Did more than $1.5 million in donations from condo developers influence the government’s too-little-too-late response to the housing crisis? Did the $771,186 in donations from Kinder Morgan and their backers buy her support for their pipeline?

If you're tired of Christy Clark putting her corporate donors before the interests of British Columbians, sign the pledge to vote for change. If enough of us sign, we can create powerful momentum, and inspire thousands more to join us in voting in a new governmenet. Will you sign the pledge to vote for change?


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