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URGENT: Ford just proposed cutting regulations for our drinking water, meaning the protection plan doesn't need to be followed -- which could make our water lethal. [1]

When former Conservative Premier Mike Harris dismantled Ontario’s water protection system in the early 00s, in the name of cutting “inefficiencies”, water monitoring programs were axed, hundreds of front-line staff were fired, and water testing was privatized. Then, e-coli polluted Walkerton, Ontario’s water supply. The water system was so gutted that it failed to detect, report, and respond to the problem. Seven people died and 2,300 got sick or were permanently injured from the diseased water. [2]
This is the same thing all over again.

If we don't show a huge show of opposition immediately, these regulations could pass, and Ontario's water supply won't be safe. Add your name to demand Ford stop cuts to water safety regulations in their tracks.

Remember Walkerton. Don’t let Ford poison the well.


To: Doug Ford and Environment Minister Phillips

Keep Ontario's water supply safe. Don't cut safe drinking water regulations.

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