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Doug Ford's attacks on our democracy and our environment have cost our province dearly. While we've pushed back where we can, it's clear that we won't see real progress on our priorities until Ford is gone.

However, in BC and New Brunswick, we've already seen governments take advantage of COVID to call a snap election and ride a wave of COVID rallying to majority governments.

Here's the thing: it worked. And there's no doubt Doug Ford has noticed.

The only way we can defend our democracy, protect our environment, and advance the cause of justice in Ontario is to be ready to give everything we've got to voting Ford out - and that means we need to be ready to hit the ground running.

The next election could be in two years - or it could be in two days. Can we count on you to sign up for our "election ready" team of volunteers who will activate the minute an election gets called and mobilize to defeat Ford?


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