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An existential climate crisis. Rising far-right authoritarianism. Long-overdue reckonings with colonialism, racism, and economic exploitation. 

We are living through challenging times that will leave their mark on our country and our world forever.

The shape of that future is yet to be written, but out of these challenges we have a chance to build a society of justice, equity, sustainability, and democracy.

It won't be easy. We know that well-connected billionaires, fossil fuel lobbyists, and exploitative opportunists are hard at work trying to make things even more profitable for them, and they're not afraid to break things to do it.

But we have power too.

We're building a movement of thousands of determined, capable progressives who will look past partisan alignment and work together for real change. We don't just defend democracy; we make democracy work for us.

You can be part of that movement. Fill out the form on this page and one of our volunteers will be in touch to plug you in. 

History doesn't just happen to us - it happens because of us. When we work together, we can make the difference. But we can't do it without you. Get involved today!
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