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Every minute, the world’s governments invest 10 million dollars into subsidies - free cash - for fossil fuel companies. [1]

Every. Minute.

Canada is complicit - over three billion dollars are handed over annually to Canadian fossil fuel companies. Meanwhile, scientists are pulling the fire alarm, warning that we may have fewer than two years to make major, substantive change or we put all of civilization at risk. [2]

It’s worth noting that that is not exaggeration - your money is funding climate genocide. [3]

But we have a real opportunity to put a stop to it.

In 2009, Canada joined G20 nations in committing to an end to fossil fuel subsidies. In 2015, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau campaigned explicitly on ending those subsidies and investing in clean technology. [4]

And now, with an election just 10 months away, Trudeau’s government is weighing which promises to keep - and which to break. Right now, his leadership team will be just starting to craft the budget that they’ll run on next year. A massive petition demanding they keep their promise will send them a signal they can’t ignore when they make their decisions.

Add your name now to the petition demanding an end to fossil fuel subsidies.

Prime Minister Trudeau:

Keep your promise - take real climate action by ending fossil fuel subsidies today.

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