Time to Crackdown on Offshore Tax Avoiders

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Holy crap. Last week, 219 Leadnow members chipped in for a national opinion poll on corporate tax havens. We just got the results and they’re incredible.

90% of Canadians think that it’s morally wrong for Canadian corporations to use tax havens to dodge paying their fair share in tax (even if it’s legal) — and 87% want the Trudeau Liberals to make tax havens illegal.

Is it really any wonder? Billionaire corporations dodge $15 billion in taxes every year by stuffing them into offshore tax havens.[5] And when corporations dodge their taxes, you pay more. Much, much, more.

Now that we know there’s mass opposition to corporate tax havens, we have a real shot at winning this campaign against cashed-up corporations who are going to fight tooth and nail to protect their dodgy tax avoidance schemes.

Together we’re building a powerful people-powered campaign to convince Trudeau to crackdown on corporate tax havens. Will you join the movement taking on the tax dodgers? The first step is signing the petition.


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Make sure corporate tax avoiders pay their fair share, so everyday people don't get stuck with the bill.

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