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Finance Minister Bill Morneau is under intense pressure from the Conservatives and business groups to backtrack on the proposed tax reforms — which is why we need to escalate your campaign to support tax fairness now.

Morneau’s getting hammered at town halls, and MPs across the country are getting bombarded with messages calling on government to roll back the reforms. It’s a small but powerful group of people speaking up.[1-2]

If MPs don’t start hearing from constituents who support the tax reforms, there’s a real chance they’ll start pressuring Morneau to backtrack by claiming it’s not worth it — which could topple the reforms entirely and set back the movement for tax fairness for years to come. The most important thing you can do right now if call your local MP and tell them you support the reforms, and that you want them to bring this message to Ottawa.

Use this simple tool that will connect you directly to MP’s office. Your call will only take a minute but it will make a huge difference. It's easy:

  1. Read the key messages below.
  2. Enter your information to the right, click “call my MP” and your MPs name and riding should pop up. If it’s correct, hit “call my MP” again and we’ll connect you directly your MPs office. You might not get someone on the phone, but feel free to leave a voicemail. Make sure to include your name and where you live in the message.

Here’s some information you can include, but it's always best to speak from the heart:

  • You're calling as a constituent of their riding and you want them to know that you support the proposed tax reforms to close unfair tax loopholes.
  • These loopholes benefit high income earners — including the super rich who have found clever ways to use them to avoid paying tax and to shelter their wealth.

  • Closing the tax loopholes is a step in the right direction, and should be part of a broader package of tax reform to level the playing field and reduce inequality.

  • If you’re a doctor, lawyer, small business owner or farmer, make sure you tell them this. Members of these professions are fronting the opposition and are critical voices that MPs need to hear.

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Help make sure MPs across the country are hearing thousands of messages in support of closing unfair tax loopholes — or else the only people they'll be hearing from are those who oppose making taxation fair.

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