Stop the sabotage of minimum wage in Ontario

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Loblaw's billionaire CEO, Galen Weston, complained to investors about the irritating cost of paying its workers a living wage – even though Loblaws doubled its profits last year and Weston took home $5 million.

Now the story is blowing up in the media, amplifying a false perception that minimum wage increases hurt our economy.

Corporate CEOs are hoping to convince Premier Wynne to back away from her promise to raise the minimum wage -- and their plan could work unless we push back now. A massive petition could let Premier Wynne and the Ontario Liberals know that voters back their plan and won’t let corporations block their fair wage promise.

But we have to act fast -- before more corporate CEO’s join the campaign to sabotage the minimum wage increase.

Sign the petition to send a clear message to the Ontario Liberals that voters want a livable minimum wage.

Loblaw’s CEO Galen Weston has a net worth of $10 billion, so his whining about paying his employees a livable income is a bit rich — especially when you consider that in just 2 days Mr. Weston makes almost double what a Loblaw’s employee makes in an entire year. He can afford to pay his employees $3 more an hour and he knows it.

Big business billionaires like Galen Weston are the biggest threat to the minimum wage increases. A majority of small- and medium-sized business owners support a $15 or higher minimum wage because they know that a higher paid, respected worker saves them the steep price of high staff turnover.

Fight back against greedy corporations and call for an end to working poverty in Ontario - sign the petition supporting a $15 minimum wage.

Working together to build a fair economy is part of the Leadnow community’s DNA. We’ve won campaigns on a fair economy before: in 2016, 9,000 of us wrote to Finance Minister Bill Morneau, calling on him to stop tax evaders in the federal budget, which led to $2.5 billion being introduced to close tax loopholes. If combine forces now we can stop companies like Loblaw’s plan to sabotage fair wages in Ontario.


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