Taking down Ford's far right in Ontario

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There's so much at stake if Ford wins. This election, Leadnow's going directly after a hardcore group of Conservatives in their local battleground ridings — who, if elected, will drag our politics to the right and block progress on so many of the issues our movement fights for.

These candidates deny the threat of climate change, promote nasty bigotry, and will engineer massive tax breaks for big corporations while our schools and hospitals crumble.

The local riding math says we can beat them — and our values tell us we have to draw a line against what they stand for.

Ready to join the movement against Ford and the biggest conservative blockers? It starts by signing the #NeverFord pledge.

Want to meet the candidates we've identified as the biggest blockers on our issues? Here are a few facts about some of our key targets: 

Doug Ford - (Etobicoke North)

Ford is the newly crowned populist leader of the PC Party who will concentrate his power and run Ontario into the ground. Like Trump, he’s duping voters into thinking he’ll stand up for the little guy, but already has been caught doing the bidding of big business and making shady backroom deals. On privatization, he’d leave “no stone unturned”, and threatens massive cuts that would lead to tens of thousands of layoffs and plunge schools and hospitals into crisis. 

A "proud social conservative” who wants to restrict abortion access, Ford has hand-picked some of the most vile far-right candidates we’ve seen in a long time to run for his party.

Andrew Lawton (London West)

Lawton’s no household name, but he’s the possibly the most hard-right force in the Ford’s PC Party —who Ford personally handpicked to run in London West. A former host on far-right radio (Rebel media), Lawton thinks climate change is communist fiction, rants against feminism and minorities, and wants to turn Canada into a gun-loving, drill baby drill-style “Republican Party North”.

Tanya Granic Allen (Mississauga Centre):

Tanya is one of the party’s most outspoken and controversial candidates. She's compares muslim women to bankrobbers, spearheads anti-choice movements, and supports “gay conversion therapy” because she thinks LGBT love is destroying Canadian society. She’s been parachuted into Mississauga Centre because the PCs think she can win the seat based on her propaganda against the sex-ed curriculum. She also doesn’t believe in climate change.

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