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Justin Trudeau just shocked all of us and abandoned his flagship promise to make the next election fair. This is a major betrayal. Trudeau is underestimating the impact of breaking this promise. He thinks no one really cares - so let’s prove him wrong.

These are the moments our community is made for. We’re not giving up on pushing him to be the leader he promised us he’d be, and on making every vote count. We’ve got lots of work to do together over the next few weeks but the next 24 hours is crucial.

UPDATE: we're getting reports that the office's phone lines are completely clogged and the mailbox might be full - that's what happens when you break major promises! If you can't get through, keep trying tomorrow!
Your call will only take a minute but it will make a huge difference. It's easy
  1. Read the key messages below.
  2. Enter your information to the right, and we’ll connect you directly to the office of the Prime Minister. You'll probably speak to an operator, who will forward you to the Prime Minister's voicemail. Make sure to include your name and where you live in the message.
  3. If you are a Liberal voter or donor, also be sure to mention it, and how this could impact your support of the party in the future.

Here’s some information you can include:
  • I am calling because of the Prime Minister's broken promise on electoral reform. I am extremely disappointed, and want him to know that I care deeply about this issue.
  • This makes me doubt Trudeau's claim of real change, and casts into question anything he promises.
  • I specifically support replacing first-past-the-post with proportional representation, because it’s a more fair, inclusive and collaborative way to elect representatives. It will ensure that every vote actually counts.

If we come together to flood Trudeau’s office with calls telling him how deeply disappointed we are about his broken promise, he will know how much voters and donors care about voting reform -- and how much his betrayal could cost his government in the next election. If you are a Liberal voter or donor, let him know that this could impact your support of the party in the future.

Our tool will connect you to the Prime Minister's office. Use the box below to get started. Make sure you have your phone handy!

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