It’s time to crack down on shrinkflation

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Have you noticed the size of some of your groceries like dish soap, flour, or sugar shrinking, while the price stays the same?

It’s called “shrinkflation”. It happens when companies reduce the size of a product without changing the price, meaning their customers pay the same for less product — and they get to make more money. Shoppers often don’t notice it, because companies doing it don’t always change the packaging so you can’t even tell it’s happening. 1

As the affordability crisis hits all of us hard, more and more countries are turning their attention to this dodgy practice — by introducing rules mandating companies to note on packaging when they shrink a product. 2

Our federal government could crack down on this practice too, by requiring clear labelling when products shrink. The Liberals are scrambling to figure out how to address the affordability crisis. This is one simple, common-sense measure they could take to rein in corporate greed — but to do that, they need to hear from the public that it’s something we want to happen.

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Industry Minister François-Philippe Champagne and Prime Minister Trudeau:

Stop grocery companies from hoodwinking shoppers about shrinkflation — ensure there are clear labelling requirements when grocery products shrink.

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