Premier Horgan: Save lives by decriminalizing drug possession

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Every day, 5 people in BC die from an overdose.1

It's been more than 580 days since Dr. Bonnie Henry called on BC to "urgently" decriminalize drug possession, but Premier Horgan has yet to take action.2

Our outdated drug laws make simple possession a crime, fuel stigma and impede access to harm reduction and health services. By decriminalizing drug possession we can treat the overdose crisis for what it is — a public health emergency. 

If we can ramp up the pressure on Premier Horgan with a massive petition calling on him to listen to expert advice, we could convince him to decriminalize drug possession across the province. It could help save thousands of lives. 

Premier John Horgan:

Listen to expert advice and formally request a criminal code exemption from the federal government to decriminalize drug possession for personal use in BC.

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