Robocall Fraud

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Update: Thursday, May 23rd, 2013

The courts have just confirmed that the robocalls were election fraud, and that these crimes were committed using the Conservative Party of Canada’s database, CIMS. 1 Now more than ever, we need a public inquiry and real consequences.

Elections Canada has just traced illegal phone calls made during the 2011 federal election to a company that worked for the Conservative Party across the country.

The “robocalls” appeared to be designed to stop non-Conservative voters from casting ballots in key ridings by falsely telling voters that the location of their polling stations had changed, causing them to go to the wrong location on election day. 2

This news casts doubt on the legitimacy of their majority Government. The Conservatives only narrowly won their majority by 6,201 votes in 14 ridings. 3

We need answers and real consequences that lay the foundation for new laws to protect the integrity of Canadian elections.

Tell the leaders of all political parties that you demand a full and independent public inquiry to expose the facts about the robocall scandal and ensure that the penalties for any election fraud matches the consequences of the crime – including possible new elections.

Examples of targeted ridings

    • Kitchener-Waterloo (Conservative): In 2008, Peter Braid’s margin of victory over Liberal Andrew Telegdi was just 17 votes. In 2011, the margin was 2,100 votes. 4
    • Winnipeg South Centre (Conservative): In 2008, Winnipeg South Centre was a Liberal-held seat. In 2011, the seat went Conservative by just 696 votes. 5
    • Sydney-Victoria (Liberal): In 2011, Mark Eyking defeated Conservative candidate Cecil Clarke by just 750 votes. 6
    • Willowdale (Conservative): Chungsen Leung defeated Liberal incubent Martha Hall Findlay by 950 votes. 7
    • Etobicoke Centre (Conservative). In 2011, Ted Opitz won the seat by a margin of 26 votes over the incumbant Borys Wrzesnewskyj. 8


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