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We desperately need to turn political promises into action to have a chance of protecting our future from the devastating impacts of climate change. We have a chance to shape that action.

Canada’s Clean Electricity Regulations could cut Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions, create thousands of good jobs, and make energy more affordable for households across Canada, but only if we can neutralize Big Oil's lobbyists.

We know that the plan to get us to a clean electricity grid is under attack by fossil fuel interests who are trying to weaken, delay or kill the regulations they have already watered down. Changes proposed by the federal government last month weaken these vital regulations, playing right into Big Oil’s plan.

Federal climate policy should serve the people, not the interests of Big Oil. So with a second round of public consultation on the draft regulations, we have a chance to say no to the loopholes and extensions for the fossil fuel industry, and ensure more affordable energy for households across Canada.

Will you send a message to the federal government to strengthen our Clean Energy Regulations?

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