Once, twice, three strikes you're out: tell Senator Beyak to resign

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Senator Beyak’s back in the news for her racist behaviour and it’s time for her to resign.

She was asked to leave an anti-racism training after concluding she’d created an 'unsafe' learning environment and wasn’t taking it seriously. She denied the existence of racism and even claimed to be Metis because her parents adopted an Indigenous child .[1]

Just as one example, Beyak recently stated: "(Canadian) History has nothing to do with racism. It's about what your people are doing to your own people”.[2]

She was forced to take the training after making a previous round of shocking comments that include defending residential schools and telling Indigenous peoples that they should assimilate.[3]

In 2019 the Senate ethics committee suspended her for these comments and her refusal to take down racist messages on her website. Now they’re recommending she be suspended again -- but it’s clear that after years of trying and giving her multiple chances, Beyak simply has no interest in learning or changing her ways. 

Senator Beyak is unfit to be a Senator. It’s time for Beyak to resign.

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The public thinks you’re unfit to be in public office. Resign your post as Canadian Senator.

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