Pierre Poilievre: Don’t choose hate, strike down hateful motions at the CPC Convention

The Conservative party is courting hate. Their annual convention starts this week – and being tabled are a series of motions which, if passed, will enshrine trans and queer hate as official Conservative Party policy. 1

But these motions haven’t passed yet, and the main reason Pierre Poilievre’s Conservative Party is considering them is to provide bait to energize their far-right supporters. So to stop them in their tracks, we need to prove that supporting these dangerous policies could cost them crucial votes in the next election.

If thousands of us email Pierre Poilievre right now, we could show him that the majority of Canadians don’t support these policies — and that Conservative support for them will risk their electability. It could help convince him to vote against these harmful anti-trans policies at the CPC convention.

No one’s existence should be up for debate. Email Conservative Party leader Pierre Poilievre now.