Pathways Alliance: Stop lying to the public about Big Oil’s climate crimes

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To the Pathways Alliance:

As wildfires rage across the country, we are all facing a stark reminder of the need for bold and immediate action to reduce Canada’s carbon emissions and to set our country on the path to a liveable future.

For years, the fossil fuel industry has stood in the way of climate progress. The Pathways Alliance has played a key role in this agenda of climate delay, lobbying to weaken urgently-needed climate policies and launching greenwashing campaigns to help Canada’s top fossil fuel companies skirt accountability.

Specifically, the Pathways Alliance has severely misrepresented the fossil fuel industry’s commitment to reaching net zero emissions by 2030, even as Canada’s top oil and gas companies continue to expand their fossil fuel production. You have also presented faulty technologies — like carbon capture and storage — as legitimate solutions to the climate crisis, when numerous studies have shown that these technologies cannot tackle rising emissions at scale.

The public can see through your greenwashing — and it’s time for it to end. We call on you to stop lying to the public about the fossil fuel industry’s climate record, and to stop blocking the climate action we so desperately need.

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Pathways Alliance: stop lying to the public about Big Oil's climate crimes

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