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Experts and leaders from more than 100 countries have been calling for a temporary waiver on vaccine patents. It would mean countries like India could produce vaccines at the scale they need to help get the situation under control.1

Until now, Big Pharma lobbyists and the world’s richest countries had been blocking the proposals — but last week, US President Joe Biden announced he would support the waiver. 2,3

Despite this move from our closest ally, Prime Minister Trudeau is still dragging his heels.4 But the pressure is ramping up. MPs from all parties — including his own — signed a letter to the Prime Minister to support the proposal.5 A flood of pressure from the public right now could convince him to do the right thing and support the waiver of vaccine patents. Millions of lives are at stake so we have to act fast.

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Support the proposal for patent waivers on COVID-19 vaccines, to help save lives around the world.

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