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URGENT: Ontario schools are reopening next week but Ford's back- to-school plan is a disaster waiting to happen.

And rather than invest in our children’s safety — Ford’s splashing public money on a massive ad blitz to convince the public to support his reckless plan.1

Ford enjoyed a bump in popularity due to the pandemic — and he’s desperate to stay in the public’s favour.2 If we can show Ford that he won’t survive the political blowback if he plows ahead with his reckless back-to-school plan, it could tip the balance and force him back to the drawing board to create a better, safer and more equitable plan.

But for it to work, we need to flood Ford's inbox and social media feeds with tens of thousands of messages from concerned parents, teachers and people across the province so he knows his new-found popularity is at risk. Send Ford and Lecce a message now. 
Talking points:
  • You could say you’re writing to express your concern and disappointment in Premier Ford’s back-to-school plan. 
  • You could mention that without smaller class sizes and additional funding, the government is putting our kids and education workers at serious risk of COVID-19.
  • Premier Ford said he'll spare no expense when it comes to keeping kids safe — you could ask him to keep his promise.
  • If you're a parent or an education worker, make sure to mention that! You could talk about a personal reason why you’re concerned about the plan, for example, if you or some you know is high risk.

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