Tell Trudeau: Trans-Mountain is a death sentence for Orcas

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BREAKING: The National Energy Board just rubber-stamped the Trans Mountain pipeline and tanker scheme -- even though in the same report they admit the project would unleash a flood of global warming pollution, devastate endangered orca whales and threaten Indigenous culture. [1]

Now it’s up to Trudeau to make a final decision. Will he sign a death sentence for the orcas just to help billionaire oil corporations rake in more money? Is he willing to sacrifice his precarious reputation on climate and Indigenous reconciliation to ram this project through?

Trudeau is under massive pressure from oil industry front groups to ignore the risks and rush this project through as soon as possible.

But the Liberals know that to be reelected they need to convince voters that they care about the environment and Indigenous reconciliation. A massive backlash from voters now, just a few months out from the election, would show them that ramming the pipeline through is NOT worth the political risk.

Will you send a message now urging Trudeau and his key Ministers not to rush through a project that could be a death sentence for orca whales?

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