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1 in 5 Canadians don’t have any prescription drug coverage at all – but we’ve never been closer to winning a universal pharmacare program which would guarantee essential medicines to everyone.1

The Liberals and the NDP are in negotiations right now over pharmacare – and the NDP has said they’ll walk away from their supply and confidence agreement unless a deal is reached.2 But the Liberals are waffling. They’re being lobbied heavily by Big Pharma who want to weaken the bill and protect their profits.3

The public can give the Liberals the push they need. Trudeau’s government is under tremendous pressure to show that they’re addressing the cost of living crisis for all Canadians. If thousands of us call on Justin Trudeau and Health Minister Mark Holland, we could convince them to pass a pharmacare bill that ensures equal access to medication for everyone.

Sign the petition to the Trudeau government to negotiate in good faith and pass public, universal pharmacare without delay.

Prime Minister Trudeau and Minister of Health Mark Holland:

Negotiate in good faith – pass public, universal pharmacare without delay.

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