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A medical clinic is all over the news, for all the wrong reasons. The Marda Loop Medical Clinic in Alberta has made headlines for introducing a $2200 membership fee to its patients, promising reduced wait times for appointments.1

The existence of membership-based clinics like Marda Loop creates a two-tiered system of healthcare: promising faster, higher-quality care, but only to those that can afford it.

And it turns out they may be allowed to exist because of a loophole in the Canada Health Act. By offering appointments to non-member patients once a week, they can argue their services are still “available” to all.2

Health Minister Mark Holland is new on the job, and establishing his priorities right now. If thousands of us help get this on his radar, we could make sure protecting public healthcare is high on his agenda. If you agree that the two-tier healthcare loophole should be closed, add your name to the petition now.

Health Minister Mark Holland

Address the gaps in the Canada Health Act that are allowing membership-based clinics to create a two-tier healthcare system.

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As a new cabinet settles in and MP Mark Holland takes over the health portfolio, we have to make sure our demands are heard loud and clear.

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