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Gun violence is on the rise in Canada. [1] 

We used to only really hear about deadly shootings south of the border, but over the past few years, there’s been a gut-wrenching shift here at home. 

In Toronto, there’s been over 200 shootings this year, including a deadly killing spree that left a ten and eighteen-year-old dead. [2]

The evidence is clear: banning guns reduces gun violence. After enacting a gun ban in Australia, gun deaths dropped by half. [3] Now we have a chance to do the same in Canada. 

Right now, Minister Bill Blair is holding consultations to figure out whether or not to enact a ban on handguns and assault weapons, and he’s seeking input from the public. But with gun lobbyists determined to crush this opportunity, he needs to hear as much support for a responsible gun ban as possible. 

Will you send a message to Minister Bill Blair to drown out the lobbyists and call for a responsible gun ban? The deadline for giving feedback is Saturday, so we have to act fast.


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