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Following the horrific attacks by Hamas on October 7, many politicians and media outlets are conflating peaceful protests advocating for Palestinian human rights with support for terrorism.1 Those who do speak out against the Israeli military's collective punishment of Palestinians – war crimes including the indiscriminate bombing of civilians and blockades of food, water and medicine – can face extreme professional, personal, and political consequences.2,3

We’re now seeing growing calls to broaden the legal definition of hate speech in order to silence these peaceful protests.4 These changes would set a dangerous and chilling precedent of repressing free speech in public and academic spaces.

We need our political leaders to keep people safe, stand up for human rights, and protect free speech and the rights of peaceful protesters. Will you sign the petition calling on Federal Party Leaders to stand up for freedom of speech?

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Federal Party Leaders: Trudeau, Poilievre, Blanchet, Singh, May

Stand up for free speech and protect peaceful protest.

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