No more fossil fuel expansion in the East

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We all deserve a country that’s cleaner and more fair. Yet rumours are swirling that the federal government could be set to rubberstamp new climate-wrecking gas pipeline projects on Canada’s east coast — as soon as August. [1]

The two projects on the table — Repsol’s Saint John project in New Brunswick and Pieridae Energy's Goldboro project in Nova Scotia — would require gas to be carried in pipelines across Canada from Alberta to the East Coast. [2]

The impacts would be devastating — not just to our climate but to local communities too. Methane leaks emissions from gas pipelines are well-documented. [3] Repsol’s project could produce pollution equivalent to burning over 829,806,900 pounds of coal in a year.

The good news is: these new gas projects don’t have to move ahead. Instead, the federal government could make Canada a world leader by investing in renewable energy to create secure, sustainable jobs, build thriving communities, and keep our climate safe.

An outpouring of public opposition could make it clear to Federal Cabinet Ministers Wilkinson, Freeland, and Guilbeault that they can't rubber stamp a massive new gas project and get away with it. But to get noticed, we need to make our opposition loud, public, and impossible to ignore before they make an announcement. Will you add your name?
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