Tell Joly and Miller: Fix Canada’s broken temporary visa system for Palestinians and cancel weapons permits

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The Canadian government still hasn’t halted the transfer of all weapons exports to Israel and has yet to bring any Palestinians fleeing war safely to Canada.

Canada’s emergency visa program for Palestinians has been a disaster. Only 12 visas have been approved as of earlier this month, and not one person has yet arrived. We’ve seen how quickly Canada can mobilize in the face of other international disasters, and individuals in Gaza looking for safety elsewhere shouldn’t be an exception.

Foreign Minister Melanie Joly is claiming that the language in the motion to halt arms sales to Israel doesn’t apply to weapons permits that have already been approved. This shameful interpretation of the call for an arms embargo would exempt the $28 million dollars worth of weapons that Canada has approved since October 7th – and can not stand.

Will you send an email right now to Foreign Minister Melanie Joly and Immigration Minister, Marc Miller demanding Canada cancel all weapon permits to Israel and enact urgent measures to reunite Palestinians in Gaza with their families in Canada?

Customized emails are far more impactful. You are encouraged to change the templated email text in the right hand box. Consider adding the following context:
  • Latest reports are that 30,000 Palestinians have been killed, tens of thousands more are injured, 1.7 million have been displaced, and all Gazans are facing a catastrophic famine.
  • In violation of the order by the International Court of Justice (ICJ), Israel continues to block the transfer of humanitarian aid and medical supplies, in what amounts to collective punishment. Canada must act swiftly to ensure that we are not complicit in war crimes and potentially, of genocide.
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