Tell the CPP: stop investing in Trump's private prisons

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Across the country, everyday people packed the Canada Pension Plan public meetings — and together we sent them a message they coudn't ignore:  divest from the US private prisons detaining immigrant families against their will.

These actions were covered by all sorts of press: the Guardian, the National Post, Bloomberg News, the Toronto Star, and more. It's exactly the kind of pressure that the CPP is vulnerable to.

Right now, their executive team is compiling the feedback they got on their tour and deciding what to do.

If we act now, while they’re anxiously reading the news coverage and talking about the overwhelming opposition to prison investments at the meetings, we can triple our impact by sending them a personal message.

If enough of us do it, they’ll see that this story is catching like wildfire across the country. They’ll know opposition is growing, and that they have to act quickly to save face before their reputation with pension-holders is gutted beyond repair. Will you send your message now?

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