DFO: Withdraw TMX’s permit to build across the Coquihalla River and protect salmon populations

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I’m horrified. This week, new reports revealed that construction on the Trans Mountain pipeline in the Coquihalla River is harming, and in many cases, killing the native salmon spawning there. [1]

TMX is not only a climate-killing pipeline but now it’s also hurting already declining salmon populations in BC. Salmon are a crucial species for the region —  they help feed a variety of different species. [2] Killing them and harming their spawning could have devastating impacts on biodiversity in BC. [3,4]

TMX was given a permit to complete construction across the river by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada (or DFO). [5] If DFO can grant the permit, they can also withdraw it. 

TMX construction has been delayed in the past because of public pressure. And right now, local organizations and MPs are speaking up against the destruction. If enough of us take action now, while there is momentum, we could help pressure DFO to withdraw TMX’s permit and pause construction. Will you send a message to DFO Minister Joyce Murray calling on them to withdraw the permit, and pause construction of the Trans Mountain pipeline? 


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