RSVP to attend the CPP event in Toronto!

On Friday, November 30th, the CPP is hosting a public meeting in Toronto to talk to Canadians about their investments.

It's the perfect opportunity to amplify our demand that they immediately divest from the for-profit American prisons detaining immigrant families and children against their will. 

We’re planning a big event to deliver your 50,000-strong petition directly to them at the meeting. With news cameras rolling, we’ll rally outside with flashy signs, banners and a few speakers, before heading in to the meeting together.

But to make it powerful, we need as many people as possible to show up.

Will you join us on Friday November 30th at 9:15am in Toronto? Together we can make this a meeting the CPP won’t forget!

What: Rally and petition delivery before we go inside the public hearing
Where: Pantages Hotel, 200 Victoria St, Toronto
When: Friday November 30th, 9:15am

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The CPP is close to caving. A big turnout at their public meeting could be the tipping point. Don't miss out.

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