Stop Coerced Sterilization of Indigenous Women

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Across Canada, Indigenous women are being forced or coerced into being sterilized. [1]
This means that for some Indigenous women, the choice of whether or not to have children is being taken from them without their consent.
The Native Women’s Association of Canada and Amnesty International just launched a campaign calling on Prime Minister Trudeau to take immediate action to end sterilizations of Indigenous women without their consent -- but there’s a real worry he won’t take swift action unless he feels widespread public pressure.
Will you sign this petition in support of Indigenous-led calls to act immediately to end forced sterilizations?

P.S. Indigenous women and their allies are asking for the following:
1. INVESTIGATE the scope and scale of this pattern of rights violations
2. ENSURE NON-REPETITION to make sure this practice doesn’t ever happen again. This includes training health care professionals in free, prior, and informed consent as well as cultural competency, changing policies, setting better health standards, and applying existing criminal laws. 
3. JUSTICE and reparations for survivors and their families [2]

Justin Trudeau

Take immediate action to end sterilizations of Indigenous women without their consent.

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