Defend the environment: stop Ford's Bill 66

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Environmental lawyers are calling it "the biggest and most significant environmental rollback to occur in a generation." [1] 

Ford's Bill 66 is an environmental chaos bill. It would allow developers to rip up Ontario's precious Greenbelt, polluters to contaminate the Great Lakes, and necessary tap water safety regulations to be abandoned. [2]

If you're picturing a scorched-earth dystopia, you're not far off. Water systems defenceless against disease. Corporations running free to contaminate the Great Lakes. The precious Greenbelt ripped up for profit. And all this after the UN just announced we only have 12 years to turn things around before irreversible climate destruction. 

Ford strategically dropped this bill right before the legislature closes for winter break. So we have to mobilize now, before everyone packs up for the holidays. 

Will you add your name, calling on our MPPs to reject Ford's Bill 66 before it's too late?

To Ontario MPPs:

Defend Ontario's environment and reject Ford's "Environmental Chaos Bill", Bill 66.

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