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As London sheds its winter coat of snow, beneath it lies a toxic scourge: littered cigarette butts. Cigarette butts not only make our streets look terrible, their toxins seep into the sewers, contaminate our waterways and poison fish and other animals. [1]


These pellets of pollution are at their most potent right now: after the snow has melted and before the cigarette filters leach their toxic chemicals into the ground and sewage drains.

That’s why London City Council must act now to introduce a butt removal task force, to be deployed ASAP to stop cigarette butts from poisoning our water and fish.

A massive petition from tax-paying Londoners demanding this common-sense solution will show city council that it’s time for action. Will you add your name before toxins seep into our sewers?


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London city council: introduce an immediate task force to clean up London's cigarette butts.

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