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People across Canada are buckling under the intensifying cost of living crisis — as the price of food, housing, and bills continue to skyrocket. That’s despite slackening inflation rates.1

A liveable basic income is a common sense solution that would ensure that everyone has what they need to live a decent life. And right now, the Senate is considering a bill that would move us closer to winning a basic income in Canada — a regular, no-strings payment to everyone in Canada who needs it. 

But with some Senators still on the fence, there’s a chance this bill could die on the floor. We’ve received intel from our allies that public pressure could make a huge difference in moving this critical piece of legislation forward. 

That’s why we’re gearing up to direct a short and intense bout of public pressure at Senators — flooding them with petitions, emails, calls, and ads — to get this critical bill over the line. Chip in for the fight for a basic, guaranteed, liveable income now. 

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