No budget without increasing the CDB to $1000/month

Right now, MPs are debating the 2024 Federal budget – and while it at last includes a Canada Disability Benefit (CDB) – it’s current structure will keep 1.5 million people with disabilities in poverty, unless we act urgently. At just $6.60 per day, and with over half of those in need ineligible, the current proposal is insultingly inadequate.

There is still time to raise CDB funding. But your MP needs to hear from you in these next three days before the budget is passed. Can you call your MP right now and ask them to vote to increase the CDB amount to $1000 a month in Budget 2024?

Talking points to include in your message:

  • I am calling to express my support for increasing the Canadaian Disability Benefit to $1000 a month before Budget 2024 is passed.
  • The current level amounts to just over $6 a day, and in its current structure, keeps 1.5 million Canadians with disabilities in poverty. As you debate the budget, I urge you to support increasing the CDB to $1000/month.


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