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Right when we need to stop expanding fossil fuels to protect a safe climate, Canada’s big banks are bankrolling the fossil fuel industry — funneling hundreds of billions every year into coal, oil and gas.

But Senator Rosa Galvez has come up with a novel solution – the Climate-Aligned Finance Act (CAFA). CAFA would regulate the big banks to ensure their investments are in line with the Paris Climate Agreement.

Right now, the Act is being studied by the Canadian Senate’s Banking Committee – but both co-chairs of the committee are dragging their feet. We think we know why: Pamela Wallin is a former director of a tar sands company and a known climate change denier. And Tony Loffreda was a long standing executive at Canada’s biggest (and dirtiest) bank, RBC.

The Senate rarely hears from the public. So if we send thousands of emails to senators, calling on them to stop the flow of investments to Big Oil, we’re guaranteed to make a big impression.

Will you take two minutes today to send a letter to the Senate Banking Committee Chair and Deputy Chair demanding they work in the interests of people — not polluters — and regulate the banks’ dirty investments?
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