Tell Premier Ford and key Cabinet Ministers: scrap the mass evictions bill

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The Ford government could pass Bill 184 — Ford's mass evictions bill as early as today — which means we don't have much time to stop it. 

If it passes, Bill 184 could allow the Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB) to issue quick eviction notices and kick people out of their homes as early as August 1st.[1]

When asked about protections for tenants during the COVID-19 pandemic Ford said if people can't pay rent, they won't be evicted. He said he simply wouldn't allow it. But now he's trying to sneak through the evictions bill to avoid public backlash.[2]

Nothing is more powerful than politicians hearing directly from the people. If Premier Ford and key Ministers get hundreds of phone calls from concerned constituents across the province, voicing their outrage and opposition to the mass evictions bill, it could convince them they won’t survive the blowback. 

But we don't have much time. Call now.
Talking points: 
  • If Bill 184 becomes law, thousands of people will lose their homes through no fault of their own.
  • We are still in a pandemic and people need homes so they can shelter-in-place and protect their families — we can’t make it easier to evict tenants.
  • Evicting tenants during a pandemic is cruel and unacceptable.
  • In March, Premier Doug Ford said he wouldn't let landlords kick out people for being unable to pay their bills — why is he going back on his word now?
If you have a personal story — or will be directly impacted by the passing of this bill, we encourage you to share it as we believe the most powerful thing right now is for MPPs to hear from local people with their own, personal stories. Whether long or short, they’re powerful. 

Call Premier Ford and Cabinet Ministers now!

You can use the talking points provided or share your personal stories.

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