BC Hydro: Don't sign Site C Contracts

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BC Hydro is poised to sign more than $2 billion worth of contracts for construction of the Site C megadam.
Soon-to-be Premier John Horgan has asked BC Hydro not to sign any contracts until a new government is sworn in -- but that could take weeks.
Right now, Christy Clark is still Premier, and she’s fighting desperately to get the Site C dam past the “point of no return” before the new government takes over.
But BC Hydro’s mandate is to make decisions in the public interest, and sinking $2 billion of taxpayer money into a dam that a new government plans to review -- and potentially cancel -- is irresponsible.
A flood of public pressure could make BC Hydro think twice about signing Site C contracts. If BC Hydro ignores the voices of British Columbians in a public showdown, it could give John Horgan the political cover he needs to fire them when he becomes Premier. BC Hydro’s leadership knows it, and so if we can make enough noise now, we can convince them not to sign the contracts.
Will you sign the petition urging BC Hydro CEO Jessica McDonald not to sign Site C contracts before the new government takes power?

To BC Hydro CEO Jessica McDonald

Do not sign any contracts for the Site C dam before the next government takes office. To sink billions into a project that a new government plans to review -- and possibly cancel -- would be irresponsible.

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