MPs: hold Bank CEOs to account

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Canadian banks have some of the worst climate records of any financial institutions in the world consistently topping the list of the biggest fossil fuel financiers. 


A powerful group of MPs have just called Canada’s biggest bank CEOs to Parliament to explain why their banks insist on bankrolling climate chaos. But we just learned the Bankers have rebuffed the invitation, and instead want to send their lobby group.


They're trying to evade scrutiny – and avoid any further public spotlight on the fact that they're profiting from climate change. As we witness a devastating start to the summer wildfire season - with smoke blanketing much of the prairies and communities already under evacuation alert, the last thing we need is more deflection and greenwashing from the Banks. 


Will you take one minute to send a message to key MPs, demanding they use their subpoena powers and compel the Bank CEOs to attend at this critical time?

It's time to hold Bank CEOs to account

Demand MPs use their subpoena powers and compel Bank CEOs to testify in Parliament on their role in the climate crisis

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Thanks for taking action to demand that our politicians hold Bank CEOs accountable for their role in the climate crisis. With time running out to have Bank CEOs testify in Parliament, we need all hands on deck. Will you chip in what you can now to supercharge our campaign to push MPs to flex their muscles and stop Bank CEOs evading scrutiny?