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A bombshell expose by the CBC just revealed a shocking policy that is essentially Canada’s Muslim ban -- but for adopted babies. And it’s still in place. [1]

The Harper government quietly banned families in Canada from adopting babies from Muslim countries in 2013 -- and the outrageous truth, revealed by a secret memo, is that this ban was somehow to help “counter the terrorist threat.” You and I both know that babies can’t be terrorists. [2]

Now that the media has blown the lid off this ludicrous ban, Immigration Minister Hussen says his department will review it. But we need to make sure he follows through and reverses this racist policy -- before public attention fades and with it the pressure for the Minister to make any meaningful change.

If we just stand by and let this Baby Muslim Ban stay in place - are we really better than Trump’s America? Add your name to call on Immigration Minister Hussen to reverse this racist policy blocking babies from Muslim countries from uniting with their new families. 
Photo via: Habiba Nosheen/CBC

Dear Immigration Minister Hussen

Reverse the racist policy banning Muslim babies from being adopted into Canada. If the UK and the US can reconcile differences in Muslim countries' laws, so can we.

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