Canada: stop arming Israel’s military

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The Canadian government has confirmed that since October 7th, they have approved new military contracts to Israel.This admission comes after the International Court of Justice (ICJ) ruled in favour of emergency measures that Israel must take to prevent genocide in Gaza, including the killing and injuring of Palestinian civilians.2

While Canada joined the international community at the UN voting in favour of a ceasefire, in practice, Canada continues to supply weapons – millions of dollars worth – to Israel.3 Weapons that are being used to maim and kill tens of thousands of innocent civilians in Gaza. 

As a signatory of the genocide convention, Canada’s failure to restrict military exports to Israel may amount to complicity in genocidal acts. With the scale of destruction reaching horrifying heights in Gaza, we need to pile on the pressure now for the federal government to put a stop to Canada’s arms trade with Israel – to realize a full and permanent ceasefire and prevent any further loss of life.

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Justin Trudeau & Mélanie Joly: pass an arms embargo against Israel

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