Canada: stop arming Israel’s military

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Last week, Canada joined the international call for a sustained ceasefire in Israel and Palestine, and the release of all hostages.1

Canada’s endorsement of a ceasefire – after months of stalling – was made possible by the hundreds of thousands of people who have pushed tirelessly for an end to the violence in Gaza.

But in practice, Canada continues to supply weapons – millions of dollars worth – to Israel. Weapons that are being used to maim and kill tens of thousands of innocent civilians in Gaza.2

The call for a ceasefire cannot only be symbolic. With the scale of destruction reaching horrifying heights in Gaza, we need to pile on the pressure now for the federal government to put a stop to Canada’s arms trade with Israel – to realize a full and permanent ceasefire and prevent any further loss of life.

Will you send a letter to your MP now calling for an arms embargo with Israel, and a peaceful end to the occupation of Palestine?

MPs: pass an arms embargo against Israel

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