Ford: don’t change the rules to make your unqualified friend head of the Ontario Police

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Doug Ford just tried to change the rules to make his unqualified friend the head of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP). [1]
Yesterday, the Ford government admitted to lowering the qualification requirements for the head of the OPP, so that Ford’s longtime friend Ron Taverner could be selected. [2]
This is scary stuff. If Ford gets away with steamrolling through proper process to handpick his friend to be in charge of the Ontario Provincial Police, the top arbiter of Ontario law, it sets a dangerous precedent for our democracy.
The police should never be controlled by elected officials.
But Taverner isn’t officially appointed till December 17th. Ford is already under pressure from the media, democracy organizations and opposition MPPs [3]. A huge public outcry could force Ford to backtrack into using proper process -- to pick a qualified, unbiased commissioner for the Ontario Provincial Police.
Will you add your name now to demand that Ford reverse this appointment for the new head of the OPP?

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To Doug Ford: Stop meddling with the rules to try and take over the Ontario Provincial Police. Reject the appointment of your friend Ron Taverner to become the next OPP Commissioner.

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