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The Conservative Premier of New Brunswick just called transgender people a 'trend.' [1] And now he's working to make public school classrooms actively less safe for queer and trans students.

Premier Higgs is facing unprecedented national attention on his Conservative anti-trans policy — and between messy caucus revolts and the resignation of a cabinet minister, his party is fracturing over the issue. [2,3]

With internal party turmoil and a media spotlight, a flood of public opposition from people across the country to this transphobic and homophobic policy could be enough to get Premier Higgs to reverse course and make schools safe for queer and trans students.

The whole country is watching. Will you sign the petition calling on Premier Higgs to stand up to transphobia, protect queer and trans students, and reverse his anti-trans policy?

Premier Higgs:

Reverse the changes to Policy 713 and make schools safe and inclusive for queer and trans students

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