Loblaws: Reverse your receipt check policy

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Loblaws has been posting signs at their stores across the country, warning customers to be prepared to show their receipts after buying their groceries.1

While people across the country struggle to put food on the table, Loblaws and other grocery giants are making record profits — even coming under fire for price gouging.2,3 How Loblaws chooses to respond? By surveilling their customers.

A huge public outcry to the receipt checking policy has forced Loblaws to take the signs down.4 But they haven’t actually rolled back the policy itself — in fact, they’ve dug in their heels, claiming it’s a common practice.5

On the heels of fresh record profit results, and Galen Weston stepping down as CEO following an inquiry into grocery chains’ profit-mongering, Loblaws doesn’t want any more bad press.6 If we harness the public outrage through a petition targeting Loblaws, and their new CEO Per Bank, we could get them to commit to repeal the policy. Sign the petition calling on Loblaws to stop receipt checking now.

Loblaws CEO Per Bank

Repeal your unlawful receipt check policy.

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