Tell Trudeau: Tax excess profits for food and groceries to help everyday families

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It’s an incredibly difficult time. Grocery bills are skyrocketing and many of us are being forced to choose between paying rent on time and putting food on the table.

But while regular Canadians struggle, big businesses are making huge profits at our expense. [1]

A shocking new report shows that the recent increase in food prices is being made worse by businesses hiking their prices to drive up profits. Grocery stores and food producers raking in billions of dollars in profits. Cargill had their highest annual profits in 156 years. Businesses are blamining inflation to profit from our collective struggles. [2,3]

It's unfair, and it’s unacceptable — and things could get much worse, unless we act today. But a massive petition calling on Prime Minister Trudeau to tax excess profits could force this issue into the spotlight and make food more affordable in these difficult times.

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Justin Trudeau

Implement a tax on excess profits to stop big business profiting from basic necessities like food and groceries

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