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UPDATE: we won! The federal government just announced it will be appealing a tax court ruling which found that billionaire mining company, Cameco, can dodge paying its fair share in tax.1 Thanks to the Canadians for Tax Fairness who have been working on this issue for months, and a last minute of flood of people-powered pressure from members of the Leadnow community, we're one step closer to making Cameco pony up the billions in back taxes our schools and hospitals desperately need. 

A tax court just ruled that Cameco -- a giant Canadian uranium company that was caught dodging billions in taxes every year -- doesn’t have to pony up and pay what it owes us in back taxes.

If the court decision stands, it won’t just let this mining giant off the hook for billions, it will set a precedent for other billionaire corporations to dodge paying their taxes too — while everyday people like you and me are left to make up the shortfall.

The federal government has until TOMORROW (October 26) to appeal the court's decision, which is the first step to getting this bad decision overturned. But Cameco has been pulling out all the stops to keep a lid on this story and downplay the gravity of what it's doing. Local groups who have been working on this case for months are worried there's not enough public pressure compelling the government to act.[2] 

A flood of messages to the Ministers in charge of this file could tip the scales and get them to launch an appeal against this tax dodging giant. But the deadline to appeal is tomorrow, so we have to act fast.

Send a message to the Revenue and Justice Ministers calling on them to appeal the court ruling that says Cameco can dodge paying its fair share in tax. 

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They have the power to appeal the tax court decision that said mining giant Cameco doesn't have to pay its taxes - and they might not do it without public pressure. Customize your message or just use the one below!

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