MPs: rein in Big Oil with a bold Emissions Cap

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In less than 24 hours, fossil fuel executives representing Imperial, Cenovus, Enbridge, and Shell will appear before the House of Commons Environment Committee. There, they’ll be made to answer for their failure to rein in climate-wrecking emissions — despite reporting record-breaking profits.

As wildfires spread across Canada, this hearing is an ultra-rare opportunity to put the fossil fuel industry on trial for torching the planet. That’s why it’s so crucial that our allies on the Environment Committee pull no punches when it comes to the fossil fuel industry’s climate record. If they succeed in asking tough questions, and Big Oil executives stumble under the pressure, it could give legislators leeway to finally crack down on polluting emissions.

This could be our golden opportunity to push for a strong Emissions Cap on the fossil fuel industry — a common-sense policy that would limit Big Oil’s pollution. Send your MP a letter today — before the hearing begins — calling on them to fight for a bold Emissions Cap to keep big polluters in check. 

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