Sept 12, 2019 (Toronto, ON) - Leadnow launched Cooperate for Climate today, their 2019 election campaign with 150 candidates from four parties and independents already committing to collaborate across party lines to address the climate crisis. 

“We're in a climate emergency and it's time to start acting like it. We’ve wasted decades with inaction, fuelled by a broken political system that focuses more on four year election cycles and partisan fortunes than on doing what is needed to protect our future,” said Logan McIntosh, Leadnow Co-Executive Director.  “We have no more time to waste, and many candidates from across the political spectrum feel the same. It’s time to put climate above politics.”

Among the candidates stepping up to cooperate on climate are Green Party’s Anna Keenan, Independents, Jody Wilson-Raybould and Jane Philpott, Nate Erskine-Smith of the Liberals and NDP candidate and past MP, Svend Robinson. All respondents committed to joining a working group to develop a legislated, accountable framework to meet emissions targets in line with the most recent IPCC recommendations.

Scientists are warning us that we have eleven years left to tackle the climate crisis in order to avoid the worst consequences. We are already experiencing the impacts of climate change, and failing to take bold action will cost us far more. Recent polling affirms that climate change is a top issue for Canadians this election and most feel governments aren’t doing enough. 

“Canada has mobilized on a massive national scale before. We have the resources and skills we need to combat the climate crisis, and can address deepening inequalities at the same time. All we need is political will,” said Sonia Theroux, Leadnow Co-Executive Director. “That’s why Leadnow is challenging candidates to champion bold solutions and agree to cooperate for climate. We’re committed to supporting select climate leaders across party lines to ensure this election is the turning point we need.”

Inspired by the push for a made in Canada Green New Deal, the survey also calls on candidates to support bold climate action that leaves no one behind. In addition to reducing pollution to meet IPCC targets,  survey questions polled candidates on whether they support efforts to protect workers and impacted communities in the needed transition, respect Indigenous rights, implement the Truth and Reconciliation Calls to Action, and welcome climate migrants.  

Leadnow is working with their network of 500,000 supporters and volunteers to help elect candidates that support the bold action we need, including making 300,000 phone calls to get climate voters to the polls. Candidates wanting to participate can do so by contacting Leadnow through



Quotes from Survey Responses

“We can do better and we must - loan programs for climate investments; universal basic income; job guarantees for transitioning workers through Crown Corporations; simplifying the tax system and making it fairer so that the wealthy and polluters pay their fair share; these are all ways to ensure that the climate movement has social justice at its heart.” Anna Keenan, Malpeque PEI, Green Party   

“One of the main reasons that I am running as an Independent is to be able to work across party lines and focus on the issues that matter most to the constituents of Vancouver Granville and to Canadians. The climate crisis is without a doubt the issue of our time and requires us all to 'colour outside of the party lines' in order to meet the IPCC targets and to do our duty by future generations.”  Jody Wilson Raybould, Vancouver Granville, Independent 

“In addition to introducing a bill to reduce emissions to net zero by 2050, I also called a climate emergency debate in Parliament in the wake of the IPCC report last fall. I support action on the climate crisis.” Nathaniel Erskine-Smith, Beaches-East York, Liberal Party 

“We owe it to our children and grandchildren to do everything in our power to make a bold, transformative and just transition off fossil fuels, and meet the IPCC targets. That's why I am back in public life. While cross party collaboration is key, respectful and meaningful engagement with partners in civil society, labour, and indigenous leadership is also essential if we are to win this fight.” Svend Robinson, Burnaby North - Seymour, New Democratic Party