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Minister Wilkinson is deciding right now whether to rubberstamp the Vista coal mine expansion — one of the biggest coal mines in Canadian history. 

Allowing the project to go ahead without oversight would go against the Liberal government’s climate plan — and Minister Wilkinson’s own promise to phase out coal.

The Minister needs to hear from people across the country calling on him to keep his promise. If thousands of us call — he’ll know that everyone is watching his next move to see whether he keeps his word. But the decision deadline is only 2 days away, so we don’t have much time. Will you take a minute to call the Environment Minister now and urge him to keep his promise to phase out coal?
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  • If you voted Liberal, make sure you mention this!

Talking points:
  • In 2015, your government promised to phase out coal. Allowing the Vista Coal mine to go ahead would go against your own promise, and lead to decades more fossil fuel destruction.
  • People across the country expect you to invest in clean energy – not lock us into an energy source of the past.
  • Not only will the mine produce 220,000 tonnes of carbon pollution annually, it would destroy sensitive habitat for endangered species.
  • Economists have said that there’s no guarantee that the coal from this mine will turn a profit. I urge you to block this mine from going forward, and at the very least order a federal environmental assessment.

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