Minister Hajdu: Implement Pharmacare Now!

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We’ve never been so close to getting universal pharmacare. Over 150 public and private organizations are calling for “pharmacare now”, countless advisory bodies are recommending it, and we have a minority Parliament where the NDP, Greens and Liberals have all named pharmacare a top priority. [1][2]

It may seem like a no-brainer, but the cashed-up pharmaceutical industry makes billions off the sick and injured. They’ve been aggressively lobbying against universal coverage and pushing the Liberals for a patchwork approach that protects profits, not people. [3]

Right now, the newly appointed Minister of Health, Patty Hajdu is working with the Prime Minister on the government’s priorities -- which will be unveiled in the throne speech on December 5th.

If we unleash a storm of thousands of messages to Minister Hajdu, it would show the new Minister that anything short of universal coverage would be like a big, public slap in the face to millions of Canadians -- including the 84% of Liberal voters who support it. Send a message now.

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